My latest build: DIY Command Center

Happy Thursday everyone!!  Boy, am I happy the week is almost over.  School just started and it’s already kicking my ass lol.  And because school has started, I needed to get organized and it’s what inspired the project I’m about to share with you all today. I actually built it last weekend but just finally getting a chance to blog about it.

About a week ago, on my FB feed, because I had been browsing on Target, one of those ads that usually pop up after you’ve looked at a website popped up.  Anyways Target was advertising other things I might be interested in and one of them was a command center.  And I thought we could totally use one of those.  It wasn’t super expensive about $40 if I remember correctly and I almost ordered it but before I order anything I always read reviews and it got horrible reviews so I decided to hold off on ordering.

target command center
The command center from Target

So last week on the Shanty2Chic website just browsing.  I tell you those sisters are amazing and such an inspiration.  They make me want to build!! Well lo and behold they had a DIY command center that I just loved.  So I decided to build my own using the plans that they had with a few changes of my own.  You can find the plans here at  The best thing about this project is that it cost me less than $20 dollars.  I used scrap wood that I had for most of it and it was a pretty easy build.

For my board I used a 16″ x 24″ piece of plywood from Lowes, for the mail holders the plan called for 1x3s but since I had tons of scrap 1x4s I used those instead.  And instead of bull clips the sisters used for theirs I used chalk board clothespins.  Like I said their plans were really easy to follow and you can head to their website if interested in building it.

And there it is!!  Just what we need.  A place to hang our keys when we walk in the door, Mike can stop misplacing his sunglasses 🙂 and a place to keep the mail sorted.  The entryway is really beginning to come together. 


Started out by making all my cuts using my awesome saw/miter box combo

Putting the mail holder pieces together with glue.

Attached the constructed mail holders to the piece of plywood.

Spray painted the piece of project luan with chalkboard spray paint.
Stained my whole piece
Once the stain dried, I glued the chalkboard piece to the plywood

Added some decorative nails

Added cup hooks.  Drilled a small holes first then screwed in the hooks.


The original plans had called for bull clips to be added but I found these cool clothespins so I used that instead. I just glued them on.


And there it is!!


As usual, I’d love to hear your feedback. Comment, like, share, pin.  Have a wonderful rest of the week!!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abigail says:

    Beautiful! It’s in you sis 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    This looks easy. I love how you make it look so easy.


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Thank you!! That’s my goal to simplify things 😀😀


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