Palette Signs from the free scrap wood from Home Depot

Happy Sunday everyone!!  Ugh…it’s going to be back to hating Sundays as school starts on Monday again.  I’m not ready!! So this weekend I decided I would try to  pack in as many projects as I could but with the queen of the castle (Kennedy) that was impossible so I was only able to complete two projects.  Some palette signs and I built a much-needed command center ( coming up in another post).  What I love most about palette signs is the cost me very little to make as I used scrap wood that I had left over from other projects and the free scraps that I had gotten from home depot a few days ago.  I knew they would come in handy 🙂


So this was a very easy project to do. Once again I got my inspiration from the amazing ladies from Shanty2Chic and put my own spin on it. Basically you need wood boards, I used 1x3s as that’s what I had. I had them cut to 14 inches each and used four pieces for each letter, letters to spell out whatever you like, stain, paint, burlap, raffia.

1x3s cut to 14 inches.  I had them cut for me at Home Depot.  As much as it’s been fun using my miterbox/saw combo, having to cut all of this by hand would have been no fun

I attached the 4 pieces together by gluing and nailing wood shims to the back. I used 5/8 inch finishing nails

After having all my palettes assembled and making sure the glue had adhered I gave them a quick light sanding and then proceeded to stain (I always treat with wood conditioner before staining). For the stain I used I combine Minwax Special Walnut and Classic Grey. Love how it came out. I only did one coat. Stained, let the wood soak in the stain for about ten minutes and then rubbed in.


While the stain was drying it was time to spray paint my letters.  This can be gotten at any craft store in a variety of styles.  I got these because they were the ones on sale (always on the look out for a good deal :)) and I do like how they look. I spray painted them with chalkboard paint.

While stain and paint were drying I went ahead and made my burlap roses. Burlap can be purchased at fabric and craft stores. I’m telling y’all, this was the hardest part of the whole project lol.  I would rather be drilling and hammering any day.  The roses as much as I tried didn’t come out great but I think they give a little character (at least that’s what I’m telling myself lol).

There are tons of tutorial online that you can find on how to make these.  I’m sure you all will be more successful than I was 🙂

Once the palettes and paint were dry, it was time to glue the letters on the boards. I just used regular wood glue to glue them on.

Placing the letters on the boards how I wanted them
Letters are glued on and getting creative on weighing them down to make sure glue adheres

Once the glue had adhered, I sanded the corners of the boards to round them off and distressed them a little.  After distressing I took some raffia I had gotten at the dollar store and tied them around the boards.


I tied my knot between the firs and second board.  I then glued the burlap roses on top and trimmed off the excess raffia. The rafia and the burlap give the boards a rustic fall look.  Once fall is over, I can always change them to something else. And there you have it.  I think they look great on the mantle for now, though as usual I’m indecisive as to whether I should leave them there. Also I like that the letters are chalk board and we can right on them.  I’m thinking of writing things that make a home and hopefully when Kennedy gets older she can add to it. I’d like to know what you all think.  And if you decide to make it please share.  Also don’t forget to like, comment, share and pin.  Have a great week!!


Need to figure out what to do with our old Ikea bookshelves as they don’t really fit in with our decor anymore. 



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