West Elm Inspired Mirror Makeover

Happy hump day everyone!!  So today I just want to share the project I just finished.  Unlike my last project this one was pretty easy..phew.  So I love all things West Elm but if you know anything about West Elm they are pretty expensive.  For years I’ve always wanted one of their big, chunky wall mirrors but the price tag (a whopping $500 dollars) was definitely near anywhere close to how much I was willing to spend on just a mirror.  Who spends $500 on a mirror anyways is what I want to know lol.

Mirror Makeover12
The West Elm Mirror.  Aren’t they beautiful??

Anyways yesterday as usual I was perusing Pinterest when I stumbled on the mirror makeover the amazing ladies at Shanty 2 Chic did and I was blown at how easy it was to do.   With an old cheap mirror I already had, and a few pieces of wood, I could pretty much have my “West Elm” Parsons Mirror 🙂 They also recommended the miter box/saw combo which I’m telling y’all is the best thing ever for someone like me who is a newbie at DIY and not yet ready to take the leap to a power saw.  So after seeing how easy it was, I headed straight to Home Depot to get the miter box/saw combo, two 1x4x8 boards and I was set.  The whole project cost me about $27 dollars since I already had everything I need.

Mirror makeover4
Saw/miter box combo.  I will be doing a review on it.  My first KandidView…yay!!

It was so easy to use this combo.  I wish I’d have known about it all this time.  The saw cut through the wood like a breeze and the angles were perfect.  I pretty much followed the steps as the ladies at Shanty 2 Chic so you can just follow the same steps. But here are some pictures of the process.

This was a cheap mirror we had gotten at Walmart for about $5 a couple of years ago.  The plastic frame was already falling off from all our moves so it was a breeze to remove from the frame.

After removing the mirror from the frame, I cleaned it then cut my wood pieces.  I used the same exact measurement as the ladies from Shanty 2 Chic as my mirror measured exactly the same as theirs.

Mirror makeover1
Using the miter box to make the cuts.  So easy.  And look at Will Feral supervising 🙂
Mirror makeover5
Cut pieces for the frame.  They need to be cut at 45 degrees angles which was so easy with the miter box

After cutting, I glued the pieces together. Then used my staple gun to reinforce the glue till the wood pieces adhered.  Afterwards I removed the staples.

Mirror makeover6
Used gorilla wood glue…this stuff once on sticks.  Amazing 
Mirror makeover7
And the frame is built

Once the glue set and I was sure the wood pieces had adhered to each other, I sanded the whole frame.  Then stained.  I stained with Minwax Jacobean.  I like the dark rich color.  Sorry didn’t take pictures of the staining process. Once the stain dried, I attached the mirror to the mirror using liquid nails.

Photo on 8-24-16 at 9.21 AM

Photo on 8-24-16 at 9.21 AM #2
Adding the liquid nails…sorry I look a hot mess lol
Photo on 8-24-16 at 9.36 AM
After attaching the mirror with the liquid nails, I put some weights on it for about half an hour to make sure the frame and the mirror adhered proper.  Will Feral was such the little helper lol

And that was it…now I have a brand new “West Elm” mirror.  I have it right now next to my diy entry table (you can find the details to that  here).  I’m indecisive if I want to hang it over the entryway table or leave it where it is.  What do you all think?  And what do you guys think about the mirror?  Do you think I came close to my inspiration? Please like, comment, share and pin…thank you!!! Have a great rest of the week.

Mirror Makeover8Mirror Makeover9Mirror Makeover10Mirror Makeover11


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ari says:

    Love it! I think it would look cool handing sideways overy your entryway table. Then you can do a fun project with fancy knobs or hooks . To put in the space in between.
    I have a “pub mirror and entry table” I purchased years ago. Love having the mirror to check and a place for my keys, tho, I liked handing pretty things on the hooks, too.


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Great idea Ari!! I might just do that 😀😀


  2. Ruona says:

    Hang it really! 😉


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Yeah I think that’s what I’m gonna do 😀😀


    2. Kandi Brown says:

      Yeah I think that’s what I’m gonna do


  3. Chinyere says:

    Another job well done Kandi! Whenever I get off my lazy and gather my wits about me and stop using Ikenga as an excuse and grow up, I want to be just like you! Bravo! I say hang it.


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Thank you so much!! I’m here with tips whenever you need it 🙂


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