My Very First Furniture Build: DIY Console/Entryway Table

Happy Monday everyone!!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Ours was pretty quiet.  Getting ready to go back to school (ugh!!).  I’m not ready at all.  But I’m super excited to share what I was working on this weekend. So one of the pieces of furniture I’ve been looking to add is a console/entryway table.  Our entry way is empty and needs something and I figured a console table would be perfect.  I found one on Etsy that I really liked but way beyond my price range.

console table18
The table from Etsy…I just love the shabby chic look of it and the color

So I’ve been on the look out for furniture I can repurpose into an entryway table but haven’t had the eureka moment yet.  Then a few days ago while you know it, scouring Pinterest I came upon a site called Ana White.  On the site are tons of plans for building all kinds of furniture.  Many of them are way beyond my skill level or require tools that I don’t  have.  But while on the site I stumbled upon a plan that seemed quite simple and it looked like it didn’t require any power tools (say what????) and it seemed super cheap to boot.  So I headed to the blog that had posted it and would you know it, it seemed like something I could pull off. Well let me start by saying it was one of my most frustrating projects till date.  So many times I wanted to give up. I think it might be time for me to take a few basic woodworking classes.  But in the end I preserved and I built myself a console table and I love it!! The best part of it is that it cost just under $20 to build. I had many of my supplies on hand already such as paint, stain etc.  All I needed to purchase was the wood and screws.

console table17

In theory the project seemed easy enough but in actuality I stumbled many times along the way.  I used 2’x2’x8′ pieces of wood cut to the size I needed. I had the long horizontal supports cut to 45 inches, the short supports cut to 8 inches, and the side pieces cut to 31 inches and for the top I used two 2’x6’x4′.  These measurements brought my table to be 48 inches long, 32.5 inches high and 11 inches deep.

console table1
My wood boards: 2’x2’x8′ cut to 8 inches, 31 inches, and 45 inches. Two 2’x6′ cut to 48 inches each.  

Other supplies:

Liquid nails

Wood glue

3 inch wood screws

Paint or stain of your choice

Sand paper


Sealer of some sort ( I used polycrylic)

For this project I used the cheapest wood you can find.  They are called Furring strips.  These 2x2s at 8 feet long are less than 2 each and I only needed 4.  What I discovered though is you really have to search through the pile to find good ones.  Many of them are warped or have rots in them.  It was a real struggle trying to find some decent boards.  I even contemplated going for the more expensive pine boards but those were almost $12 a pop and for a first time builder not knowing if I was going to be successful I wasn’t trying to spend that type of money lol.

I pretty much followed the instructions that I got from the Desert Domicile’s blog.  In her instructions the pieces were to be attached with liquid nails.  This is where my frustration started.  The liquid nails just weren’t working.  Even after letting it set and putting weights on the pieces when I tried to attach other pieces they would fall apart.

console table 2
Terrible picture of my feet lol.  I was trying to take a picture of applying the liquid nails to the wood
console table3
Wood joined together with liquid nails

Eventually I had to take drastic action.  I ended up using 3 inch screws to secure the wood pieces together.  I drilled pilot holes first so as to prevent the wood from splitting when the screw was driven in.  The problem I now encountered was that aesthetically I did’t want the screw heads showing so my plan was to countersink them ( this is basically drilling a hole slightly bigger than the screw head so that the screw head can sink in and the hole can then be filled with wood glue).  Anyways for some reason the countersink bits I had bought for this very purpose weren’t getting the job done.  Needless to say I was really frustrated.  So I just tried my best to make the screws flush against the wood as best as possible.  So anyways for joining the wood pieces, screws to the rescue.  Unfortunately due to my frustration I forgot to take pictures of this process.

console table4
All the 2x2s finally joined. Woot!!

After this, I once again followed the Desert Domicile’s instructions. I added wood glue to the top pieces and glued the boards (my 2x6s) for my top on.

console table5


console table6
Since I only had two small clamps I used random objects as weight to help the glue adhere. Desperate times call for desperate measures 🙂

I then proceeded to sand.  Boy, what a tedious process.  Like I said the 2x2s were really cheap so they weren’t really smooth.  I never realized how much work sanding by hand could be.  In my past projects where I’ve used wood , I’ve always bought the good quality ones which never required a whole lot of sanding as they were already smooth.  This was quite a tedious task and I think it’s time to think of getting some type of power sanding tool.  Anyways, after what felt like forever, I eventually got the wood smooth to my satisfaction.

console table9

Once the boards had adhered i reinforced with the 3 inch screws from the bottom.

So by now I’m feeling quite pleased with myself.  Initially i had decided i wanted to stain the whole table. I love the way the stain that I did for our Ikea Lack Coffee table makeover (here) came out and so I decided I wanted the same for this table.  The plan was to first stain with Minwax special walnut and after that dries stain with Minwax Aged Gray.  Well, the special walnut stain looked horrible.  I hated it.

The stain came out splotchy and uneven.  Needless to say I got frustrated again and this was where I almost gave up.  But then I remembered the table I had seen on Etsy and decided I would paint the bottom frame and give the top a dark stain.  I like the contrast of the dark and the light.  It’s similar to what I did for my dresser turned sideboard makeover (here). So for the top I did a second stain of Minwax Jacobean and after that dried it still wasn’t as dark as I wanted it, I did another coat of Minwax Dark Walnut.  And that did the trick.  Really love the richness.  While the stain was drying I proceeded to paint the bottom.  Of course I used chalk paint.  I love the stuff.  I used Deco Art Americana Chalk paint in the color Refreshing.  It goes with the color palette I have going for our living room. It’s almost a mint green/light teal color.  Before painting, I applied vaseline to the edges and other areas I wanted distressed.  I found out that vaseline makes distressing furniture so much easier.

Once the paint dried, I distressed.  I was going for a really chippy, weathered look.

console table15

After distressing, I sealed the bottom with clear wax and the top with a clear gloss polycrylic.

console table16
Wax on, wax off 🙂

And voila!! My table is complete!!

console table20
Close up view of the top.  I love the rich dark color and the contrast with the light frame.

console table21

I still can’t believe I managed to do it.  It wasn’t easy but I’m quite pleased with it.  It’s not perfect but for a first time build I’m pretty happy.  Especially since other than my drill I had no other power tool at my disposal. I think it might be time for me to up my power tool game.  With a power saw of my own and a few other power tools, the possibilities are endless. Below are more pictures of the table and how I styled it.

console table23
Since fall is right around the corner, I went with some fall florals and these cute little gourds I found at the dollar store.  I also got the glass containers for the candles at the dollar store.  The candles and the lamp are from Target.  Now I just need to find a cute little bowl where we can drop our keys and some baskets to go underneath. 
console table22
These were the paintings I made to hang over the table but the more I look at it, I think I’m going to put something else in that space.  I’m working on a another piece of art that I think would be perfect.  Will probably share that in my next post.  

So what do you all think? Do you think it was a success. I’m always happy to hear your feed back.  Please like, comment, share and pin 🙂


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