Easy DIY Birch Tree Paintings

Happy hump day everyone!!  From my previous posts you can see that our living room is slowly coming together and I’m super pleased and excited about how it’s turning out.  I’m still on the search for the perfect dresser I can convert into a TV/entertainment stand, need a console table for the entry way and some shelves on each side of the fire-place.  Oh I’m thinking of redoing the fire place too.  I hate the dirty brick that’s there at the moment, but I’m indecisive on if I just want to either paint it white, do a whitewash, do a stone facade or tile the whole thing.  Decisions, decisions.  As you can see still so much to do!!  And I need art on the wall.

Speaking of art on the wall, it’s crazy how expensive art is.  It’s actually how I got into the whole DIY thing.  It all started was looking for art for Kennedy’s space.  Everything was ridiculously expensive and with the help of Pinterest I decided to make my own.  I’m no artist by any means.  Heck in high school I got a D in art to tell you how terrible I am. But while perusing Pinterest I fell in love with this giraffe nursery art by Make it and Love It (I love giraffes by the way).  But alas I can’t draw and didn’t think I could do it.  But Mike (my husband) encouraged me to try.  And I did.  After days of painstakingly trying/practicing   drawing outlines of the giraffes I was finally satisfied and  went ahead and did the painting.  It’s no master piece but I love how it came out and it’s the picture on the home page of the blog.  I love that piece of art and quite proud of it.

There it is over my daughter’s crib

Anyways I digress, I was talking about art for our living room walls.  Because of how expensive art is, I’ve decided to go the same route as I did for Kennedy’s room.  Yep, you guessed it, DIY art for the walls.  As I’m not an artist, I needed to find art that was simple to do but still looked cool and would fit with the aesthetics I’m going for.  So of course once again Pinterest to the rescue.  I found an awesome but simple art work that I really liked of birch trees by Persia Lou Hand Made Modern.  I’m telling y’all, I had these paintings done in a few hours and I love how they turned out.  Best part it cost me nothing to make the two paintings as I already had the supplies at home.  It was such a fun art project too.  If you have kids, this could also be something fun you could do with them.  I can see myself doing this with Kennedy in a few years.  Now I just need to figure out where to hang these babies.  I think they might look great above a console table by the entryway 🙂 In the mean time here they are on the mantle over the fire-place.



All you need for this is canvas, two different colors of paint, painters tape of various sizes, paint brush (I used a foam brush) and an old credit card or plastic card.



  1. Using your painters tape, tape down what will be your trees.  I used two different size tapes and for the bigger trees I just combined two pieces of tapebirchtreeart2
  2. Paint the canvas what you want the background to be.  I went with robin’s egg blue because I think it goes well with my color theme for the living room
  3. Once the paint is dried, remove the tape.

  4. To paint the trees is where you will need the old credit/plastic card.  You might want to practice it first on a piece of a paper.  Dip the card in the second paint (in my case black), hold it perpendicular to the canvas at the edge of one side of your tree, then scrape forward. This gives the effect of the bark on the trees. Do this for all the trees and voila, that’s it!! Easy, peasy.  And you have yourself a pretty cool piece of art.  Now, stand back and admire your work 🙂




Would love to hear feedback.  Like, comment, follow and share!!  Have a good rest of the week y’all.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Emem says:

    Very lovely.


  2. Uju says:

    Another awesome project Kandi!!!


  3. Woah Kandi, these are so cool.
    Com’on you’re such a great artist. I need to be hooked to your blog ,a lot to learn. You could retail these you know…… running off


  4. Yewande says:

    Nice! I have been thinking of doing a black and white art with a touch of yellow or blue myself. This has just given me the boost I needed. Thank you kandi


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      You’re welcome!!! Let me know how they turn out 😀😀


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