Roadside Find to Upholstered Bench

Happy Monday everyone!!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Mine was pretty good albeit it being ridiculously hot (is fall here yet??).  I was able to start and complete the project I decided to take on which made for an even better weekend.

So about the project, earlier in the week Mike my husband came home bearing a “gift”.  While driving home one evening, he noticed a coffee table on the side of the road and decided to grab it thinking I might be able to do something with it.  Boy, am I glad he did. While I wasn’t sure immediately what I wanted to do with it I was pretty excited about the table. Yes, at first look it didn’t look like much as it was obviously and old table and it needed a good cleaning. But upon inspection I discovered it was pretty solid, made of real wood and had really good bones.

Mike’s roadside find

At first I thought about stripping the top and staining it with a dark rich brown color and painting and distressing the bottom with white or ivory paint but I thought we didn’t really need another coffee table and then it hit me.  I could turn it into a bench for our living room.  We recently bought a new couch for the living room and that’s about all the sitting in there for now.  The plan is to get some accent chairs at some point but that’s not in the budget at the moment so adding a bench was a brilliant solution for additional seating. So now that I decided on what I wanted to do with it, I went to good old Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  After scouring Pinterest for hours over a few days I finally decided what I wanted.  I wanted a tufted upholstered bench (ambitious much?).  I knew it was going to be a challenge as I’ve never upholstered anything before and I read how difficult tufting especially could be. I suppose I could have done the bench without the button tufts but I think the tufts just give the upholstery a nice luxurious look.  So before I started I read everything I could find on tufting.  Then it was time to start. Headed to my local craft store (Joann’s) to get my supplies.

Supplies needed:

A piece of wood/MDF board cut to the size of the table.

Foam cut to the size of the table


Fabric (enough to cover the table, batting and foam)

Spray adhesive

Staple gun


Upholstery needle

Upholstery thread

Button kit

Paint of your choice


I have to tell you, picking out the fabric was one of the most difficult aspects of the project.  So many options to choose from!!  Anyways I ended up going with this fabric I thought would work well with our new blue couch.  I love the color of our couch by the way.  It’s an aqua with hints of olive green in it.

That’s our couch with Will Feral napping.  I think my coffee table works really well with it.  Details on that project here
The fabric I picked out for the bench

Once I had all my supplies.  I started out by giving the table a good clean.  I used clorox wipes to wipe it down completely.  It has a little drawer that I also gave the inside a good cleaning.  Then I proceeded to paint.  Since I’m using chalk paint again no prep work other than the cleaning required ( I just love this stuff)!!  I went with an olive green paint for the base of the table.  I used Buttercream Luxe Craft Chalk paint in Green Envy.

Decided to paint outside this time…with Kennedy in the background supervising 🙂
paint drying

I also took out the drawer to paint.  It had some brass hardware on the front and the knob was missing.  Didn’t like the look of the brass so I spray painted it in oil rubbed bronze. After the spray paint dried, I proceeded to paint the rest of the drawer in the same green envy.

Once I was done painting, it was time to make the cushion for my bench.  I started out with  4’x2′ piece of plywood.  Didn’t have to have it cut down as it was the exact size of my table.  I wanted to rows of buttons so I proceeded to measure out where I would drill holes for placement of my buttons.  I basically had them spaced 8 inches apart with a total of ten buttons.

It’s not very clear in the picture but I have pencil marks where I would be drilling my holes
Drilling holes into the plywood

Once my holes were drilled, I sprayed my foam with spray adhesive and attached it to the board.

With my foam attached to the board, it was time to wrap it in batting.  I used all the batting I bought because I wanted a nice cushion. I attached the batting to the board by using a staple gun.

After the batting was wrapped around the foam, then came the fabric.  The corners were the trickiest part.  I wanted it to have a nice, neat finished look so it took quite a bit of struggling trying to get the corners to look the way I wanted.  In the end I wrapped the fabric the way I would wrap a present.  I don’t think it’s the best way to do it but that’s how I could make it work. Then I stapled to the plywood.  When stapling, you want to make sure you’re pulling the fabric taut.


Once the fabric was done, it was now time for tufting.  The step I had been dreading the most.  But I was determined to do it.  The first thing I had to do was make my buttons to match the cushion.  So I discovered they have these kits for that.  Ah-mazing!! And the steps are so easy to follow too.

With the buttons all done, it was time to attach them.  I used an upholstery needle which is essentially a giant needle.


Now, here is where I realized I had made a mistake in the beginning.  So as I threaded my needle and put it through the hole that I drilled, after attaching the button on the other side, it was time to bring the needle back through the hole but I couldn’t find the hole.  I realized the hole I drilled was way too small so I had to go back and drill bigger holes.  It was still very tedious process finding the hole to bring the needle back.  I also discovered that it takes a lot of strength to get the buttons to sink deep and as a result my buttons are not as deep as I would have liked.  Many needle pricks on my fingers later, I finally got all the buttons attached.


Buttons attached, cushion done and seeing how it looked on the table

Overall, I like how it came out.  I then proceeded to secure it to the top of the table by attaching it with screws.  For this I used my drill.

Drilled in screws on the underside of the table onto the plywood base of the cushion

And the bench is almost complete.  All it needed now was a knob for the drawer.


I found this really cool knob at Home Depot and I think it worked perfectly with the bench.

And we’re done!!  I have to say for it being the first time of doing this, I pretty pleased with the outcome.  I think it’s my favorite furniture makeover yet.  And I now have this fabulous plus extra seating in the living room.  And it’s all thanks to my husband having the foresight to pick up an old table from the side of the road. A win all around. Would love to hear your feedback. Please comment, like, share 🙂  Have a good week y’all!!


And here’s Kennedy and I modeling the bench 🙂

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Turned out great, I love it 🙂


  2. Chinyere says:

    Wonderful job again Kandi. You make it all seem so easy! Bravo!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!!! Aweeeee Some!


  4. naakowah says:

    So beautiful good work done


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Thank you!! 😊😊


  5. Ene Abah says:

    This is impressive, I don’t think I could pull that off. You really should consider interior decoration and I’m sure you’ll get paid tons for it!


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Thank you!!! I feel like if I can do it anyone can. I’m totally new at this and learning as I go


  6. nubianwaters says:


    Well done girl! I get so excited seeing your creative side come alive. All of these that you get up to is right up my street and more. Keep inspiring darling! 😘😘😘😘


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Wow!! Thank you so much!! Means a lot coming from you knowing how creative you are…I’m doing something right lol

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Anonymous says:

    Really nice!


  8. Olabisi says:

    Beautiful and very creative. I hope to do this someday.


    1. Kandi Brown says:

      Thank you so much!! Let me know if you need help or tips 🙂


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