Dresser Makeover: My new Kitchen Buffet/Sideboard

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Whew…TGIF.  I’m super excited about this project I just finished.  In my last post (here) I talked about this old beat up dresser we have that I wasn’t sure what to do with.  Initially, I was going to get rid of it then I thought Kennedy could use a dresser in her room but it was too big for her room.  So after scouring Pinterest I found my inspiration with what to do with it.  One of the downsides of our kitchen is that there isn’t enough cabinet space and I’ve had to be creative with storage.  One of the first projects I completed a while back was a set of industrial pipe shelves that I built ( I think I’ll do a post on those). Even with the shelves, storage space is still tight.  So when I saw on Pinterest that people were converting dressers to buffets, the light bulb went on and decided that was what I wanted to do with the dresser.

The old dresser…looks pretty awful doesn’t it? Yuck 

The first thing I did was give it a good cleaning.  Talk about cat hair all over the place. This dresser used to be one of Tweaker’s favorite places to take naps (Tweaker was our cat who has now found a new home with my in laws). After cleaning I took out the center mount slides for the lower drawers as I was not going to keep those since the drawers were in pretty bad shape anyways. And for the two top drawers I was keeping I removed the hardware as I planned to replace them.

Dresser cleaned and ready to be painted

Once this was done I was ready to paint

I ended up only using the Americana Decor Chalk Paint in refreshing and sealed with the clear cream wax and did a little antiquing with the dark wax

After painting the outside I decided to only paint the bottom part of the inside because I found this really cool liner from the Home Depot that I thought would look great to line the inside and the shelves I was adding with.

I think the liner adds a luxe look 

For the top I was really indecisive what to do with it but I decided to give it a brand new top.  So I got a 12 foot 1×10 and had it cut into two pieces for the top.  First thing I did was give a good sanding, then treated with wood conditioner which prevents the stain from being splotch and then stained.  I went with Minwax Dark Walnut because I wanted the top to be a rich dark color to contrast with the light colored paint.

While my boards were drying ( I let the boards dry for 8 hours), I proceeded to wax the dresser.

I used clear wax first, then dark wax, then did a final top coat of clear wax

After the wax dried (it dries very quickly) I added my new hardware (drawer knobs) to my drawers.  Initially I had gone to home depot to pick up these Warm Chestnut mount cup pulls because I thought the dark color would be perfect with the top but then I found these flower knobs and I love, love, love them.  I thing they are perfect.

After my boards were dry I proceeded to glue them on to the top of the dresser.  I used wood glue and because I had no clamps to keep them in place so that they adhere I placed a bunch of heavy objects on them for weight.  Hey I know it looks awful but you gotta be creative sometimes and work with what you got (note to self: pick up some clamps)

I left the weight on the boards over night.  Afterwards I sealed the boards with a clear gloss polycrylic to protect it and to give it some shine.


And here you have it y’all…the completed buffet/sideboard.  I love the color I chose as it adds some color to our kitchen.  It gives me extra storage and frees up some much needed counter space.  I’m quite pleased with it.  Let me know your thoughts and have a wonderful weekend!!



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  1. George Osai says:

    Kandi! You are fast becoming a DIY Queen. These transformations “scare” me because I cannot bring myself to do them. **covers eye**


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